(Submitted by Tom Briechle)

I had a well organised holiday with this company. The country is spectacular and easy to travel.

(Submitted by henry)

Thank you for a wonderful tour. We had the best time. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

(Submitted by James Mansfield)

I Love this site. I love Africa. Keep up the good work

(Submitted by Samuel Gyamfi)

You have the best website about cheetahs.

(Submitted by Malita)

I am from Kenya. Your site reminds me of home.

(Submitted by Andrew)

Thanks for a interesting, informative, super, educational, enjoyable, unique and the best tour!

(Submitted by petina)

I have a project on cheetahs.Thanks for the pics

(Submitted by John)

I love your site. It has been a great help to me in choosing my holiday destination.

(Submitted by Joey)

This brochure is like soooo cool - like really awesome. I like want to sit with the cheetah and pray.

(Submitted by Shelby)

Hello Martin and Budgie! How are you guys? I haven't talked to you in a long time! I love all the photos especially the ones with me in them of our trip in June! Just joking, all of them look great! Write ya later! Bye- Shelby Elise

(Submitted by D Holland)

I am a school librarian. We have had Reading Safari as our theme this year at Paradise Elementary School. We have promoted reading in this way throughout the year. Thanks to your web site we will be able to have a virtual safari staying right here in Paradise, Texas today!

(Submitted by amber)

hi! I used you website to get pictures and informaton on africa for a research paper I did at my community college... the pictures were wonderful and I had never imagined africa to be so beautiful. I have never traveled outside of america, butwhen I decide to africa will be one of my first choices... thanks to your tour pictures...thank you...

(Submitted by Tracy Van Straaten)

Hi there. When I first viewed your webpage, the African wildlife really touched me. I lived there for a good 16 years and miss it terribly. To feel the African sun again - what a pleasure! Alles van die beste, goeie werk! Totsiens. Oh yes, could you show some more pictures of Johannesburg, and more wildlife ?

(Submitted by Phil and Helen Braithwaite)

Having browsed your website, it makes me feel homesick for South Africa. having spent some 18 years living there.It has to be THE most beautiful country in the world. After returning to England some 4 years ago we still miss SA, and we always will do. hope to return some day. meanwhile keep up the good work oon your site, try to add more sounds of the wild if you can, I spent some 4 years watching wildlife, the greatest!!

(Submitted by Paul)

LOVE your site!!!

(Submitted by Betty )

What a wonderful web site you have looks just beautiful over there will try and go next year, keep up the good work. Just too beautiful for words.

(Submitted by Allysan)

How about going to Madagascar in June for 2 weeks? 6 of us are interested.

(Submitted by Carol Stewart)

Hi, Martin, I enjoyed visiting your website. The layout is great, put together nicely. And you and Budgie are so cute together. May you enjoy your life in Africa and continue to show others the wonderful place that it is. My heart beats fast when I look at all the pictures and once again dream of someday... Carol

(Submitted by Gina )

Hello ,I've seen a lot of websites but this is the BEST AMONG THE BEST. This is the only website I appreciate. You really have an excellent taste of making a website. It is very unique and very entertaining. It is not just a website but an educational one. Keep up the good work. My CONGRATULATIONS to you for the WONDERFUL WEBSITE.

(Submitted by Robert Josephson)

Wonderful photos! Great website! I would love to go. Maybe next year.

(Submitted by Ingrid)

This is really the first time I have been "playing with the nternet. I did enjoy it.Your web site is beautiful. quite amazing.very catching. I shall visit your site more often and shall comment at a later stage - if there is anything to say except :"wonderful". I am sure that it ill be a huge success.Nice to be in touch again. keep well. keep cheeerful.lots of love

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