Dangerous animals?
What a cute lion.
He looks very cuddly and harmless, but have a look
at the picture at the very bottom of the page.
See the expression on Chiharu's face?
She has just been bitten by the cub at her side.
I also had some problems with a hyena as you can see here:

Once we were camping in the bush of Malawi.
During the night I heard a strange whispering sound
coming from the ground under the tent.
It was not very loud, but it was persistent.
I decided to investigate, but could not find anything.
In the morning there was some of our hair cut off
in short bits and pieces, as if a mad barber
with the shakes had given us half a haircut.
Ants, attracted by the smell of our shampoo,
had travelled over ten metres,
penetrated our tent,
and cut off some of our hair for transport back to the nest!

So you see: the small and the young can bite too.

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