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Discover the Real Africa !
We are a husband and wife team offering you custom-made guided
Wildlife Tours, Adventure Tours and African Safaris.
Small groups travel with us to explore Namibia.
Immerse yourself in the country, culture and wildlife.
No rushed package tours here ! We hope you will use all your senses,
not just your camera and wristwatch.
And you decide where and when to go, what to see and how far to travel...
then we turn your wishes into reality.
This is made possible by keeping the safari groups small, usually no more than eight people.
Maybe you can form your own group? Then you will be travelling with friends.
All this may sound exclusive and expensive...but have a look at our prices !
Explore this website for your entertainment and information:
we have tried our best to show you some of the Africa we love.
Have a good look around and come often, there is always something new.

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African Safaris

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Namibian Landscapes, Namibian Flora and Fauna,
Desert Flowers,
and People of Africa.

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find out exactly who you will be travelling with !

Do you want to know more about joining a tour ? First fill in our Questionnaire,
plan What to Bring on tour, look at the Legal considerations.

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Your African Safari!
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